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Running fast just to stand still
FOIMan's last article for PDP's Freedom of Information Journal (for now) looks at where we are now with FOI in the UK - and where...
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Practice makes perfect?
FOIMan highlights a new enforcement action taken by the ICO in relation to FOI handling by a public authority. It was predictable. Just as I...
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FOI in a time of crisis
FOIMan writes about the impact of coronavirus on FOI for PDP's Freedom of Information Journal. Coronavirus and the associated lockdown has had a huge impact...
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New FOI self-assessment toolkit issued
FOIMan highlights a new FOI self-assessment toolkit issued by the UK Information Commissioner's Office. One of the proposed initiatives mentioned in the UK Information Commissioner's access...
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Follow the Fun
FOIMan explains why he’s getting ready to take up a proper job once more. A few months ago I applied for a job. A proper,...
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Dealing with rejection
FOIMan suggests some tips for anyone who's not happy with the response they've received to their FOI request. Sometimes I receive enquiries asking for help...
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