Paul Gibbons has written widely about freedom of information and other related matters beyond this blog. Here are collected links to his articles where possible and references to other pieces.

PDP’s Freedom of Information Journal 


Denham’s drive for a duty to document

The Environmental Information Regulations:

Part I: Down the rabbit hole

Part II: Same thing, different gravy?

Part III: The exceptional regulations


FOI in the Isle of Man – FOIA upgraded?

Freedom of Information: cutting the cost

Lies, damn lies, and FOI statistics

Small is not necessarily better when it comes to FOI

Of interest? The public interest test under FOIA

The fall and rise of the publication scheme


The ten things FOI requesters hate most

The ten things FOI practitioners hate most

Freedom of Information – this time it’s personal

Freudian Slip: the FOI Act that never was

The costs of FOIA – researching central government spending


How important is good records management to FOIA compliance?

Section 36 and the ‘qualified person’ — who is it and why does it matter?

Leadership and FOI

Codes of Practice – more guidelines than rules?

Ten years of FOI — a personal account


FOI, practically speaking Part 1 – deadlines

FOI practically speaking Part 2 – game, dataset and match

FOI, practically speaking Part 3 – getting vexed

FOI, practically speaking Part 4 – take it to the (appropriate) limit

FOI, practically speaking Part 5 – holding your own

FOI, practically speaking Part 6 – looking for approval


A shot across the bow?

Other publications

Paul has also written for other publications including Times Higher Education magazine and the Records Management Journal.

30 January 2014 Times Higher Education, An FOI Officer’s Lot: No Simple Questions or Easy Answers

September 2013: Privacy Laws and Business UK ReportReuse of datasets poses potentially onerous obligations

Autumn 2003: Journal of the Society of Archivists, vol 24, issue 2, with Caroline Shenton Implementing a records management strategy for the UK Parliament: the experience of using Keyword AAA

1999: Records Management Journal, Vol 9, Issue 1, Casting the ‘Net: the Records Management Intranet Pages