FOIMan renews his call to support the Campaign for FOI.

Last summer I wrote about the financial difficulties that the Campaign for FOI was experiencing and called for anyone who has benefitted from or believes in the importance of FOI in the UK to provide their support. The Campaign still needs your help, and once again I’d like to urge anyone who doesn’t already donate to the Campaign to do so. Of course, if you can help in other ways, I’m sure the Campaign would love to hear from you.

Since June this very site has featured a link in the top right hand corner so you can easily find out how to donate. If you’re an FOI Officer, a campaigner, a journalist, a media organisation, a charity, or just plain curious, you’ve almost certainly benefitted from the Campaign’s good work in the past – first of all campaigning for the Act in the first place, then pushing the Government and Parliament to strengthen the Bill, and since then raising awareness about attempts to weaken the right to know.

So do it now. Go on. You know you want to. DONATE!