Flyer for Northumbria conferenceFOIMan highlights a forthcoming conference hosted by Northumbria University.

The University of Northumbria are holding their sixth Information Rights Conference on 13 June this year. It sounds very interesting as it focusses specifically on the disclosure (and presumably, non-disclosure) of commercially confidential information. My Act Now Training colleague, Ibrahim Hasan, will be speaking amongst others. Unfortunately I can’t make it this year, but hopefully those who are lucky enough to attend will report back via blogs and Twitter! Full details and how to book can be found in their conference brochure.


  1. Would be interested in understanding whether any organisations exempt “contract prices” under Section 43. And if so – if they have been agreed “up front” i.e. during the tendering process (pre contract being given) as confidential information. We receive lots of requests for contract values. Thanks.

    Anna Pryce-Jones

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