FOIMan’s latest article for PDP’s Freedom of Information Journal takes a detailed look at the Isle of Man’s new FOI Act and considers whether there is anything that other jurisdictions can learn from it.

freedom-of-information-graphic-smallAs reported here at the end of January, the Isle of Man’s new FOI law has come partially into force. For the first time, Manx residents – but only Manx residents – are able to make FOI requests to government departments there.

Every time that a country is added to the list of nations that have adopted freedom of information laws, it has the opportunity to learn from those that have gone before. Given its closeness to our shores, have those drafting the Isle of Man’s new open government rules been influenced by events here? Perhaps even more interesting, following the FOI Commission’s report, are there things that the UK government can learn from its neighbour?

These are questions I’ve considered in my latest long-read piece for PDP’s Freedom of Information Journal. As you’ll see, the challenges that the Isle of Man faces have shaped its legislation and resulted in some interesting innovations.