Every day between 1 December and 24 December this year FOI Man will Tweet a Freedom of Information treat. All these goodies will be listed here for your convenience.

Day 1: the post-legislative scrutiny report from the Justice Select Committee at http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201213/cmselect/cmjust/96/9602.htm …

Day 2: a guide for academics on how to make use of  FOI in research http://www.ucl.ac.uk/constitution-unit/research/foi/foi-universities/academics-guide-to-foi.pdf …

Day 3: “Back off Graham, or the Government will be at its liberty to flick you the big V” https://www.foiman.com/archives/666

Day 4: Journalism News’s guide to making an FOI request featuring yours truly http://www.journalism.co.uk/skills/how-to-submit-a-freedom-of-information-request/s7/a548038/ …

Day 5: A special treat for today. Never published before, and with apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan, Modern Records Manager a litle something I prepared for a session of the 2009 Information and Records Management Society Conference

Day 6: all of the written submissions to the Justice Committee from earlier this year, courtesy of Save FOI

Day 7: new FOI website FOI Directory

Day 8: my guide to making responsible FOI requests

Day 9: the Information Commissioner’s new Guide to the Environmental Information Regulations

Day 10: the 2040 Information Law blog from Tim Turner

Day 11: My slides from PDP’s Annual FOI Conference May 2012

Day 12: Act Now Training‘s Ibrahim Hasan produces these excellent podcasts on FOI

Day 13: Jonathan Baines brings you his Information Rights and Wrongs

Day 14: Another goody from me – an article on Being Open to Open Data that first appeared in Act Now Training’s Newsletter

Day 15: Cal Flyn and Conrad Quilty Harper wrote this piece for Telegraph Online on the cost of FOI v other government spending

Day 16: the Government told us what it plans to do with FOI in the coming year or so, following the post-legislative scrutiny

Day 17: the incomparable Panopticon blog from 11KBW for all the latest case law on FOI and data protection

Day 18: amongst the evidence given to the Justice Committee was this gem from Gary Shipsey on the importance of records management to FOI compliance

Day 19: back in February, I wrote a blog post on Michael Gove, the Department for Education and private email accounts. Paul Waugh described the response from the mystery man Captain Sensible, who appeared to be a DfE insider

Day 20: in November, JISC Info produced this handy tool for monitoring FOI requests, aimed at higher education FOI Officers

Day 21: one of the first things I did in 2012 was submit my evidence to the Justice Committee on FOI

Day 22: you can order publications and training materials from the Information Commissioner’s Office

Day 23: the blog that inspired this one in the first place – UK Freedom of Information Blog, now maintained by the Campaign for Freedom of Information

Day 24: lots of examples of FOI being put to good use from FOI Monkey on the Save FOI website, and the Information Commissioner

Hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of festive fun, and maybe found something you’d not seen before.



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