FOIMan brings you the latest in his series of articles for PDP’s Freedom of Information Journal.

freedom-of-information-graphic-smallOne of the more difficult aspects of dealing with freedom of information (FOI) requests is knowing how to handle personal information. How do you decide whether the information can be disclosed? If you decide not to disclose it, how do you apply the section 40 exemption correctly? What happens if the requester asks for information about themselves?

I’ve previously tackled this in the Exemption Index here on this site, but in my latest piece for PDP’s Freedom of Information Journal, I’ve attempted to bring more clarity to this complex subject aided by the latest case law. The next of my PDP pieces indulges in a little time travel to explore an interesting nugget of FOI history, and you’ll be able to read it here later in the autumn. You can also subscribe to the Journal if you want to read more helpful FOI updates and articles.

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