FOIMan launches a new look for 2020.

Happy new year! 2020 promises to be eventful for everyone, and particularly for those of us working in information rights. It’s also a significant milestone for FOIMan which I’m marking with a new improved website.

Later this year it will be ten years since the FOIMan blog and Twitter feed first launched in Autumn 2010. As we enter a new decade, it seemed a suitable moment to refresh the look of the FOIMan website and blog.

Existing features have been retained, and in some cases updated, whilst there are also some new resources to explore which I’ll be highlighting in the days to come.

The site is effectively split into two now, with a Services section highlighting the ways that FOIMan can help organisations with their information rights compliance. The Blog section of the site is where you’ll find blogposts (obviously), but also the many Resources that I make available here. You can also find out more about The Freedom of Information Officer’s Handbook in this part of the site. It’s also much easier (I hope) to access these features from the home page at

Please explore and I hope you find the new FOIMan website helpful and will keep coming back for more throughout 2020 and beyond. If you have any comments, please do feel free to drop me a line using the contact form which you can find at the foot of every page.